Meeting goals

I seem to have had a week, or few weeks of reaching targets that I’ve set myself. I like to break things down to bite size chunks that are achievable that way I get less stressed and I do get things done, or I feel I do. I am also a list maker, my OH says I have a list of my lists!

Each day over the past few weeks I’ve set targets, I have posted new work on Etsy daily, and I’ve done some social media stuff each day.
#cozycal blanketWhen I started the crochet blanket CAL I set myself a week to do a colour repeat, and I’ve achieved my target, my blanket measures 182 cm and it’s now ready for the edging. It will be finished in time for Christmas giving. If I’d said 5 weeks ago I will crochet a blanket before Christmas it would never have reached completion.

About 6 months ago I set myself the goal of getting my mile time on the treadmill to under 10 minutes, and I got there this week 9 mins 34 sec

I have had so much work on I’ve been neglecting household duties so maybe if I  publicly announce these tasks as next weeks goals I might get them done.

I need to make 3 Roman blinds before Christmas, the fabric arrived yesterday so no more excuses. I need to get on top of the ironing pile, and thirdly I need to clean the kitchen cupboards.

I’ll let you know how  the blinds turn out.


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