Christmas with a Japanese flavour

I’ve had a bit of time out with my family so I have been absent from my blog lately. I needed a rest post Christmas making. I’ve had a lovely Christmas as it’s been a while since both kids have been home together.

My daughter brought lots of interesting snacks from Japan, things I’ve never seen before, some I couldn’t even guess what they were or what they tasted like.

Cute little animal buns with a custard or chocolate filling

This is a dried fish snack which swells up as you chew it, think of the taste of crab sticks which gets stronger as you chew it. It was surprisingly moreish and I think it went down great as a snack with a beer.

These are dried scallops which were much like the fish but scallop flavour.

Rice snacks, cough sweets and dried plums, I haven’t tried these yet.

Wasabi and a soy sauce for noodles

A few different flavours made for an interesting foodie Christmas, salmon, wasabi and noodles are on the menu tonight


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