Plans for Kiln Fired Art blog in 2015

After two weeks of lovely family time I’m trying to get organised and back to work, I actually got up before it was light and put the kiln on to bisque fire my beads and buttons that I showed you a couple of posts back. I didn’t intend starting work ’til tomorrow but now I’m ahead (ha ha), hopefully I will be glazing tomorrow . January is usually my month for experimenting and trying new ideas but I have an event almost every month next year, as well as keeping Etsy stocked up. A lot of the exhibits will be themed so that means new work, which I will enjoy, but as I want to get ahead I will be knuckling down making for the first 3 events, so less time for playing. I  have a list of  things I’d like to achieve in 2015.

  • Paint more
  • Draw more
  • Do some enamelling
  • Make some mixed media pieces
  • Learn how to make ceramic animal sculptures

I bought some new tubes of watercolours in luscious earthy tones ( I love earth tones) I’d love to paint some watercolours just for fun, but maybe also for decal production or even to sell. I also want to do some porcelain painting on ceramic pieces that I’ve made myself as well as more painting on fused glass pieces. Every year I say I want to spend more time drawing and keep a sketch book but the truth is I’m never short of ideas, in fact I can’t keep up with them all, but maybe a month of daily drawing would be good. I’ve ordered some copper so I will definitely be doing some enamelling, I love expressing my thoughts and inspiration that comes from the landscapes that I photograph. I’ve been planning some mixed media work for a long time now, but I need to find the time to bring it all together, watch this space.My book this Christmas is about making ceramic sculptures this is something new to learn in 2015.

On a different note I also intend blogging about my Great Grandfather who was killed in WW1, I have his war diary and it needs to be transcribed as it’s written in pencil and starting to fade. This is something I planned for the 100 year anniversary of WW1 but again time slipped by all to quickly. Today I’m downloading my Christmas photo’s and thought I’d share my garden visitors. I thought these were both voles until I zoomed in and cropped, it looks to me like a field mouse and a vole. I’m sure Beatrix Potter would do something amazing with these guys, maybe I should paint them, they are very cute, don’t you agree? P1180044 P1180050 P1180048


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