Handmade ceramic buttons and beads

I have spent this past week glazing beads and buttons, it has been quite therapeutic in getting me back to work after the holidays, and with the kiln firing to over 1000 C every night the studio has been warmer than the house so very cozy for working in.
handmade buttons

As I said in my last post I love the process of making beads and buttons from clay, which is basically playing with mud, then the magic of glazing. It wasn’t all plain sailing as I ruined half a kiln load as I used the wrong wire rods and I got firescale all over the beads completely ruining them, or so I thought. But it turned out some beads had a speckled glaze! It was a new one that I hadn’t used before so I think I’m excused, I didn’t lose that much in the end. I’m almost finished making for the first craft market, and later my beads and buttons will go on Etsy.

I am sewing them onto the cards , I think it’s the best way to keep them in place on the cards when they will be handled quite a lot. I think they look really pretty and they will be perfect for hand knitted items, jewellery making and even collage.
ceramic buttons

ceramic buttons

I will show you my bead sets in another post when I’ve strung and labelled them.

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