Fixes for those fugly ceramic beads and pendants

Have you ever opened the kiln and not liked what you see? I suppose we all have pieces where the glaze disappoints, or just looks plain boring. Here are a few fixes, they may not improve everything but you can salvage quite a lot of fugly beads with these methods.

The obvious thing to do is to re-glaze and fire again which is what I did with these ceramic beads and buttons below.

Ceramic beads and buttonsSometimes when I’m glazing beads one bead might touch on another bead and contaminate it,  it’s so annoying when this happens. A great fix for these beads is to re-glaze using a crystal glaze, preferably with crystals that tone in with the splash of rogue glaze.Ceramic beadsSome beads come out just plain boring, sometimes it seems a lot of ceramic beads come out brown regardless of what colour the glaze was. A great fix for these beads is Arroya glaze which crackles in the kiln giving lovely textures.

crackle ceramic beadsI know a lot more about overglaze techniques than I do about glazing, and as china paints and lustres fire at a lower temperature of around 800C they are a great choice for fixing. Here I’ve used satin metallic enamels on black porcelain to pick out the textures. I liked the black bisque but the texture was lost.
black porcelain beads and pendantsChina paints were used to highlight these pieces too.
P1180818Metal lustres are great for adding a bit of sparkle or picking up texture, I’ve used copper lustre on these beads and pendants, some were pretty boring but now they are more interesting.
handmade ceramic beads and pendantsLustres are really hard to photograph so here’s another angle, they aren’t as brown in real life, they are copper coloured, the tear drop pendant on the right has been transformed and looks a bit like raku thanks to copper lustre it now looks lovely.
ceramic pendants and beads


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3 Responses to Fixes for those fugly ceramic beads and pendants

  1. Your overglazing is amazing, I love the crackle textures on the arroya ones. Fab-u-lous darling!! Ha ha!! They all look very sumptuous.

  2. artyshroo says:

    Oh ye gads…..I’m still in love with your work! Fugly? F-gorgeous! I can’t help seeing some of these as fasteners for my journals. This year, THIS year I WILL own some of your lovely products…I’m currently haunting your etsy shop. Are you going to be making more glass pieces – with hares on? Love, love, love them. Such a fangirl! Awesome stuff – thanks for sharing! Shroo :)xx

    • eganj1 says:

      Hi Shroo, thankyou for your lovely comments. Yes I will be painting lots of hares quite soon. You will ind that my shop contents will change every month this year as my work changes at the pop up gallery. Once February is over the beasndbuttons will be on my virtual shop shelves.
      I’m feeling quite excited about getting on with some new work this year too
      All the best

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