This week’s update from Kiln Fired Art

Firstly I want to thank everyone who has popped over from Grow Your Blog hop, it’s lovely to meet you and read your blogs, I’ve added quite a lot of new blogs to my Bloglovin list so I can add to my Sunday morning enjoyment.

Well it’s been quite a hectic week this week, so much to do making new stock for shops and the pop up gallery, I’ve 6 weeks to make all my stock for the change around, the theme of the next exhibit is ‘Wildlife’ so I will enjoy making for that.

I had some visitors in the garden that stopped me working but it’s really wonderful to observe these lovely little birds and I really can’t wait to get painting them.

P1190097I’ve also been listing some ceramic hearts and pendants as most of my ceramic beads and jewellery components went to the craft exhibition along with my buttons. They will be there for a month then I can restock my Etsy shop once more.

heart pendants

ceramic pendants

I’ve listed quite a bit of copper jewellery including a zentangle cuff and pendants that I’ve shown you already, and some textural pendants too.

copper jewellery Collage

copper jewellery

I’ve also listed some glass and ceramics including these porcelain hearts, stars and bells , these are perfect for wedding favours which you customise yourself to match the theme of your wedding.

wedding favours Collage

Wedding favours

And the tribal/ ethnic / boho black porcelain jewellery components which have had a makeover and the detail highlighted with satin metallic overglazes.
Ethnic ceramic Collage

Each month there will be a different theme at the gallery exhibition so this means that my Etsy shop will change every month too, depending on what’s away on exhibition.

I’m also trying to get to grips with Excel, making an inventory to keep track of everything, at least it will help me to know where everything is at any one time.

Well I better get back to work photographing and listing for my shop, I’m sitting here at my computer wondering where has January gone?




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4 Responses to This week’s update from Kiln Fired Art

  1. Carole says:

    Such pretty things! What kind of birds are those on your feeder?

  2. Rachel says:

    Ooo I know the feeling, I’m not entirely sure where January has gone either. Filled up my birdfeeder this morning. The blue tits didn’t even wait for me to finish putting the lids back on, before they started to swoop in. I had one on my shoulder, one on the feeder as I tried to hang it back up and one pinching the leftover seed from my box! I’ve only every entertained Bob the friendly robin that close before (he likes to sit on my garden spade while I fork my beds over). It was lovely if not a little off putting lol.
    I love your blue glazed heart pendant. Happy to have found you via GYB 🙂

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