And then there were two!

I’ve finished the second sock, I can’t say I did a better job of the second one and there was quite a bit of pulling out to be done, I still haven’t got the hang of heel turns and my toe shaping is a bit off.
P1190241I don’t think I will attempt to knit another pair, and I still drool when I get out my hand knit socks from Knitogethersox I really appreciate the quality, fit and everything about my gorgeous socks even more now then before.

Mine are destined to be walking boot socks, but I’m pleased they are wearable. It was something on my ‘to do’ list and now I’ve ticked that box. I’m still persevering with my crochet though, will show you later.



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One Response to And then there were two!

  1. Cherie says:

    Hand knitted socks are on my ‘to do’ lis. If my pair turn out half as good as yours i will have achieved something

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