Making Roman blinds

Last weekend I decided it was time to make some new Roman blinds, the last ones shrank when I washed them but they had served well. I have been blindless since we decorated in the Autumn but I was so busy with orders I didn’t have time to make new ones. I looked into buying them but they were so expensive, and as I had made blinds for these windows previously I had all the lathes etc so all I needed was fabric, time, and  my head in the right frame of mind.

‘The Complete Book of Soft Furnishings’ was my guide, it was the third time round for Roman blind guidance.  So out came the sewing machine and tape measure and I drew it all out on paper, I’m not good with figures and measurements so it was check 3 times cut once. I chose a cream textured fabric, the windows are small on the north side of the house, and I want the blinds to blend into the background, I don’t want them to be more obvious than our bits and pieces of art.

Pressing everything as you go is the key to success when sewing things like blinds, or so my mother,who was a fully trained dressmaker told me. I could hear her voice keeping me on track as I sewed, she trained me well.

Making roman blinds CollageJust under a day and a half later I had 3 Roman blinds dressing my windows.
finished roman blinds CollageI’m really pleased with the results, OH said they look the same as the old blinds. 🙂


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