WOYWW – week 7

I have been working flat out this past week , my studio is in a state of organised chaos but this is what’s on my work table right now, I’m making some light catchers with copper inclusions, and coasters today.
The reason I’m so busy is my shops and galleries all need stocking up, I’ve an art event at Easter and I’ve been offered some showroom space too, so this is what I’ve been working on this past week including the vases I showed you in WOYWW #6, they have been fired twice now and they are finished.





Hares are such a pleasure to paint, I hope to paint some hare bowls next week.

But my love just now are the long tailed tits, they are such a delight to watch on the feeder, and they really are tiny.



I couldn’t forget the crested tit


Then there were 2, they will be flying off in different directions next week.


Oh I painted some bowls too, these are large bowls and holding them made my wrist ache.



I had some new garden visitors this week, I’ve a bird feeder just outside the studio window. It’s the first time I’ve seen bullfinches in the garden so I think they will have to be painted soon.
P1190426I told you I’d been busy!



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10 Responses to WOYWW – week 7

  1. artyshroo says:

    Well. Yes. Well. I am …..compLETEly in love! PLEASE tell me that some of these will be for sale? I promise I’m saving up for some of your wonderfulness. Love the hares. Love the long tailed tits – used to have those in my old garden and I adore them! *sigh*. Gonna go back now and drool at this post. Sending hugs from Shroo:)xxx

  2. eganj1 says:

    Thank you Shroo. All my pieces are for sale, the hares are £68 and the long tailed tit vases are £60 plus P&P.
    I don’t usually get them listed in my shop as they go off to galleries, but I can alwys paint one just for you .

    • artyshroo says:

      Thank you for letting me know about your work and sales and stuff. Your prices are EXCEPTIONALLY reasonable – the WORK you put in to everything! I’m completely stuck on what to choose. I’m selling off some nik-naks this month so hopefully I’ll be able to top up my ‘lovely things’ fund – when I do I’ll mail you and see what’s available…let fate decide! Love the new glass pieces. Hugs and general fangirl excitement from Shroo:)xxx

      additional – I have some scrap offcuts of silver from jewellery…just bits and pieces but all .925 sterling, 15 grams or so – is it any use to you for melting into your art? It’s no use to me so shout if you want it, It’ll just get lost or eventually thrown out otherwise. artyshroo@gmail.com

  3. Dotty Jo says:

    Your work is stunning! I have a real passion for hares and so am completely blown away by your work! Jo x #49

  4. lynnholland says:

    Oh my word no wonder you are busy your work is amazing
    Lynn @23

  5. Nikki C says:

    you have been busy these are all so pretty to look at 🙂 hugs Nikki 1

  6. Wow love your creations they are really beautiful.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda
    Happy WOYWW

  7. Mary Lou says:

    I loved all of your work Jill. Those copper and glass pendants are lovely. Love watching your blog.

  8. CraftyHope says:

    Love what’s on your desk. I had no idea you could include copper in glass. Interesting concept! I’m sure the bunnies will go over smashingly for Easter. They are quite unique!!

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