Getting to grips with Pinterest

I’ve decided I need to get to grips with Pinterest, yes I do random pins of things I like, or want to find later but I haven’t really got the hang of how Pinterest can work for Kiln Fired Art as a business.

First job was to reinstall a Pinterest pin button which seemed to have vanished with a Firefox upgrade. Having a pin button makes things so much easier to pin, it’s very easy to install.

I was spurred into action to learn how Pinterest can work for Etsy sellers when I read an article by Handmadeology called The Art of Pinning your Etsy Shop. Handmadeology have lots of useful information for Etsy sellers so they are well worth following if you don’t already, I’m a paid up member as I don’t want to miss anything.

Here are some Youtube videos with great information

For more useful information have a look at Handmadeology. There are a couple  of things that I realised I wasn’t doing, one is using using tall images for viewing on mobile phones and another thing I didn’t know you can upload an image using the + button. I think making a shop collage including your shop banner is a great idea for the front image on your shop board, so is linking to great customer feedback.

There is so much more useful information about pinning so I recommend you go and read the article on Handmadeology

Now I’m off to do some pinning and tidying up on my Pinterest boards.

If you would like to have a look I’m here

If you want to leave a link to your Pinterest in the comments I will pop over for a mooch around and a bit of repinning.

Happy pinning!



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