WOYWW week 9

I think I’m getting there, I’m busy finishing off work this week as all of my recent work is off to the gallery this weekend. Then I can have a couple of days off to clean the house before I get making again, I’m trying to get enough stock so I’m a month ahead.

These pieces came out of my kilns this morning. The flattened bottle is a cusomers own bottle which will be posted off later today. You can read more about having your own special momento bottle flattened on my website Flat-Bottles. This  is a bottle with a wire hanger but I also do framed flat bottles.

The bowls are the ones that were on my worktable last week.

kilnfiredart collage

So what am I working on today?
kilnfiredart work CollageI’m grinding glass, hares and wrens painted on glass, I roughen the bottom edge before mounting on the base. I’m also making dichroic glass earrings and pendants, I don’t use moulds for making earrings and cutting 2 matching pieces of glass is quite difficult especially when they have to be capped and fired to round off so I grind to a matching size and refire.

Well I better get to work the week is half over and I have an inventory to write , I’m gradually getting to grips with Excel spreadsheets.

Why not nip over to Stamping Ground to see what everyone else has on their worktables.


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11 Responses to WOYWW week 9

  1. Diane says:

    First time stopping by. Love the idea of the flatten glass bottle, lovely way to keep a special bottle! But I am in love with the bowl with the blue flowers!

  2. smithgfb says:

    The name of your blog intrigued me and I am not disappointed! Beautiful work and something that has always held an interest for me! Glenda #43

  3. Krisha says:

    Thanks for visiting earlier and for the nice comment.
    I really like what your doing, and very fascinated by it. Beautiful work!
    Krisha #2

  4. Sandy Leigh says:

    Love your blog – and your work is so cool! Happy WOYWW #300! Sandy Leigh #58

  5. Anne says:

    love your work thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow! These are beautiful! Hope you will come back next week to let us know how you got on! Chris 44

  7. Robyn Oliver says:

    Happy 300th WOYWW, Gorgeous work. Cheers RobynO#14

  8. I see from the comment you left me, you have joined this Wednesday madness after I stopped posting due to time and work constraints. I have a friend who owns a kiln and I have wanted to do some kiln work for several years. I’ve always been impressed with kiln work, and you look like you know EXACTLY what you are doing.

    Don’t laugh, but I got the idea one time when I was at a party where there was a HUGE pit and bonfire that I would flatten one of those bottles. It never got hot enough to flatten completely, but I got a cool twisted piece I might turn into a sculpture one of these days (or not!).

    Happy 300th WOYWW from #3.

  9. Nikki C says:

    Happy WOYWW 300 and beautiful work you’ve done there and cutting any glass the exact same size is just a pain gotta love those grinders doing all the extra work for yah 🙂
    hugs Nikki 1

  10. I just love your hares – and the wren is so lovely. Over the years we have done all sorts of different things – and hubby used to engrave onto glass – but never did anything with colour. Your work is beautiful – and aren’t we both so very blessed to live in such stunning surroundings? An hour sees me deep in Snowdonia – and there you are near the Lakes…
    Thanks for visiting and for your comments.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #4

  11. eganj1 says:

    Thank you everyone for your lovely comments this week

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