WOYWW -week 11

Hi all, it’s another Wednesday so it’s time for ‘What’s On My Worktable Wednesday’ again. I have to say  I’m really enjoying being a part of this and my thanks go to Stamping Ground for having such a brilliant idea.

But today, WIMKW would be more appropriate, can you guess what it is?

Maybe the photo’s might help you.
P1190791Have you guessed yet? Answer is at the bottom of this post.

Here are the lace tealights and porcelain heart in the spare room, I’ve scented the heart with lavender oil as a bit of an experiment.

So what’s on my worktable then?
P1190787Well, I’m working in the ‘stock room’ aka, spare room , labelling and pricing up for my next fair, boring stuff. I happened to notice my notebook and lists lying on the table, I’m an obsessive list maker, but I don’t follow them obsessively, they just prevent me from stressing about what I’ve forgotten, and if I’m on track when I have a deadline. It helps me get things done, and I love crossing things off then making a new list and realising I’m getting there.
P1190788Are you a list maker?

So what does WIMKW stand for?

Simple, it’s What’s In My Kiln Wednesday!



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13 Responses to WOYWW -week 11

  1. artyshroo says:

    I too love lists because they
    a/ focus my mind
    b/ organise my day
    c/ make me happy
    d/ bacon
    And will you stop with the awesome gorgeous stuff? Seriously – my wish LIST for your stunning artwork is now insane! No,on second thoughts – keep with the pretty gorgeous awesome as I think I have some drool left. LOOOOOVE it ALL! Hugs from Shroo:)xxx

  2. eganj1 says:

    Thank you Shroo, you have started my day with a smile on my face

  3. Fun post. Love your creative items. Of course hearts are a favorite in any form. I think pricing is the worst part of Art fairs. But I love making lists. You’ll have a nice variety of items to display. Enjoy #41

  4. Lisca Meijer says:

    Oh yes! I am a list person! I even add something I’ve done to the list if it wasn’t already on it. Just so I can cross it off. Pathetic I know….
    I love your lacy things. And I’m intrigued by those ‘melted bottles’….
    Have a great week,
    PS I’m thinking of our fellow desk hopper Shoshi today who’s operation has been postponed yet again! I can’t imagine how she must be feeling.

  5. Annie says:

    Ooer a kiln….I love the sound of that. Really love the things you’ve made. Thanks for popping over to mine earlier. Have a fun week.
    Annie x

  6. Famfa says:

    Yes I love a good list too. It keeps my mind focused and crossing things off is so fulfilling. Loving your hearts and tea light holders. Beautiful work.
    Famfa #57

  7. Shoshi says:

    Yes, I got it too – “What’s in My Kiln Wednesday” lol! Your work is absolutely stunning, Jill. It reminds me of the work of my favourite ceramicist, Edmund de Waal. He inspired me so much around the time of Dad’s death, with his wonderful family autobiography “The Hare with Amber Eyes.”

    Thank you for your lovely comment. Having the surgery postponed for the second time is a major bore but there’s nothing for it but to be patient and wait for another date. Making plans is hard when you don’t have a date. I’ve made lists of what needs doing before I go in! Lists are the only way I can make sure I remember everything lol! (My sister is the world champion list maker. She makes lists to tell her where her lists are ha hal!)

    Glad you like my first kitty.

    Happy WOYWW/WIMKW,
    Shoshi #49

  8. Anita Mistry says:

    I like making lists and then crossing things off makes me feel like I’ve actually done some work. I love the hearts and the lace tealight holders. I bet the lavender smells nice. Anita 58

  9. Wow, what delicate pieces. I love to see what’s in your kiln!!! Happy WOYWW!!

    Sy #67

  10. PTaviss says:

    I can be a list maker, but I am so consistently inconsistent it doesn’t always work for me. Or I have 3 places trying to keep track of the same stuff. Like DLP challenges for example.

    Thanks for sharing, drop on by. Happy WOYWW Pat #63

  11. VonnyK says:

    Wow, you make such beautiful things. My hubby’s a mad list maker (it’s the teacher in him) but I just wing it most of the time. Love all the things you have on your desk for the fair, I bet they all sell.
    Have a great week,
    Von #34

  12. Jo says:

    Lovely crafty activities! I really love lacey textures. x jo

  13. CraftyHope says:

    I absolutely knew what the K was for. And what’s in your kiln is lovely. As for lists, yes. . .I’m obsessive about them too. I make one daily almost every morning (not always on weekends) and have for years and years now. I do love crossing my tasks off, but there’s always something else to take it’s place! Best of luck at the fair!!

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