Hot buttered crumpets for brunch

I’m having a slow day today, it’s good to slow down once in a while.

I have wanted to try to make my own crumpets for ages but I didn’t have any rings, I saw some the other day when I was shopping and today was the perfect day for lazy crumpet making. Not knowing how long they would take to rize and cook didn’t really matter today, and once they were grilled we ate them, fresh and hot, yum.
I made half the mixture from The Good Housekeeping Cookbook as there are only two of us and I knew we would want to eat them all. This is a really good cookbook full of great recipies.
P1190806Instead of beating vigorously for 5 minutes with a wooden spoon I used a stick blender , then I left the batter in the sun to rise, it doubled in size in half an hour, well done sun for deciding to shine today.

The rings and pan have to be well greased and hot before pouring in the batter, I found that they did stick a bit but they came out the rings once I’d run a knife around the edge.
homemade crumpets
P1190812A couple of things I’ve learned making my first crumpets is don’t put in too much batter or the bottom will get pretty brown before the characteristic bubbles have burst, and if you grill them before the bubbles have burst they may still be a bit pasty in the middles.
hot buttered crumpetsThey did taste good
P1190814As you can see the texture inside is like a traditional crumpet , but homemade ones are less rubbery and lighter than bought crumpets.

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One Response to Hot buttered crumpets for brunch

  1. They look delicious! You’ve made me hungry now 🙂

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