My blanket grows

I’m now onto the third colour repeat and my blanket is getting quite large now. I’m hoping to get it finished before the warmer weather as I don’t much fancy the idea of being swamped by it on a sunny evening crocheting. Squares will be much better for summer.
Ripple blanketIt’s touch and go if I have enough yarn left in each colour to finish the row without the need for buying another ball of yarn, so I have a tip for future projects at the bottom of this post. But first, some colours had enough yarn and others have been short so I decided to weigh the balls to see what was left as some are obviously much less than others, some weighed 35g which is enough to do the row and some weighed as little as 22g. This I don’t understand as they were all new balls when I started.

So my tip for starting a stripey blanket would be weigh the new ball of yarn, chain and chrochet the first colour repeat, then weigh the ball and work out if there will be enough, if not this would be the time to decide to lose a few stitches so there would be enough yarn for the project.

I can’t wait to start my next blanket which may be hexagons, but I haven’t decided just yet.


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