Making a recycled headboard

I’m busy sprucing up the spare room, the draylon headboard looks a bit tired so I decided to have a go at making one myself. All I bought was a piece of mdf, the memory foam padding was cut from my mattress topper, my back no longer likes the soft hug of memory foam unfortunately. The cover is a mattress protector I no longer use, and the fabric is a piece left over from curtain making.

I cut the foam a little larger than the mdf so I could get a nice rounded edge along the top.

Then the mattress protector was stapled to the mdf, sandwiching the foam. Then trimmed, this is when I tried to cut off the tip of my finger!
P1190998The  fabric is just a bag basically, but the material wasn’t quite big enough so I had to piece the back but no one will see it up against the wall.
P1200004I had to do something with those corners, my mother was a dressmaker and I could hear her in my head telling me what to do. And it worked.

P1200011OH screwed the struts from the old headboard onto the new one. I’m really happy with the results and it cost me next to nothing.

I’ve some new curtains to make next, and a bit of painting to do then my spare room will be ready for my visitors next month.



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