Tools of the trade

I have been working on a kitchen tile commission these past few days, it’s always a bit scary getting ready to paint them but I really enjoy the process once I start painting. Think white paper syndrome only worse as they are the client’s tiles not a bit of paper.

I can’t show you the tiles but I can show you my palettes and some of my favourite tools and brushes for painting wildlife.

Most porcelain artists keep a very neat and ordered palette, not me, I like to mix my paints as one would oils and this means my palette gets quite messy, however I do try to keep it dust and lint free , and I do wipe it off from time to time and put the enamels onto a fresh tile.

I have 2 ways of working, water based and oil based and so I have seperate palettes and brushes for each. I think I have a bit of a brush fetish actually when I think how many brushes I have.

These are the water based palettes
And my oil based palette as it looks today
P1200254I’m sure china painters are recoiling in disgust at the sight but this works for me.
I have a lot of tools for creating texture and mark making including a selection of sharpened twigs, the mapping pen and various sponges, pan scrubs and a loofah are used the most.

Generally when I’m using oil based china paint I want smooth coverage so I use soft hair brushes, a fan brush for blending, an acrylic hair brush and a cropped off hog hair brush for stippling. The pointed quill brush is one of my favourite brushes it’s a traditional brush which were known as a ‘pencil’ in the factories in Stoke on Trent.
I can’t finish without showing you my garden visitors who have distracted me quite a bit this week, a couple of little voles.

I hope to show you the tiles soon, have a great weekend whatever you are doing.



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