Tile commission – the painting process

I’m now able to share the kitchen tile project that I was working on last week, my client said she was “beyond thrilled” with them which made me a very happy bunny.

My client sent me her tiles, and, after test firing first I set to work painting garden birds. Remember my last post, well this is what I was working on.

Here they are after the first fire, I’ve really just established things.
first fireI had to mix more paint so I decided it was time to clean my palette, it’s still not as ordered and pristine as most overglaze artists, but it’s going to get very messy shortly as I mix my colours.
overglaze enamels
Second fire, strengthening colour and form

Third fire, just refining.
P1200274I really enjoy painting custom tiles, but it is more stressful than just painting what I want to. I was so pleased that my client loved them.


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3 Responses to Tile commission – the painting process

  1. You’re so talented!

  2. artyshroo says:

    These are truly beautiful. Your client is so lucky to be able to own such wonderful pieces of your work. Hugs from Shroo:)x

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