WOYWW- Painting lustre bowls

It’s Wednesday again which means I’m sharing what’s on my worktable (and kilns) today. WOYWW is hosted by Julia Dunnit on her blog Stamping Ground.

I’m painting lustre bowls this week, first I loosely sketch on the design, for placement reasons as I don’t want to have to wipe off expensive lustres. The pen lines fire out in the kiln.
P1230084These bowls have been painted with lustres and are ready for firing, during this process magic happens and the colours change into something gorgeous, well that’s the hope. Lustres can react with each other and sometimes you don’t get what you expected but that’s half the fun. P1230085

The first job of the morning is opening the kilns, sometimes I can’t sleep for excitement. This bowl isn’t quite the colours I expected, it should have been more orange than brown, maybe I picked up a contaminated brush, lustres can be fickle.

P1230087Remember the dribbled bowl that was freatured in WOYWW a few weeks ago, this is it after a second firing. P1230086

And here I am painting today’s bowls with sea holly and acer leaves.

P1230089These are the lustres I’m using, hopefully they will be blue when they are fired. P1230088 The bowls will have more lustre applied where necessary then the painstaking job of outlining  with precious metal and a mapping pen begins, this isn’t my favourite part of the process but it is a major part of the design and really finishes off the piece. In true Blue Peter fashion, ‘here’s one I made earlier’!   P1190439

P1190438Happy WOYWW


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8 Responses to WOYWW- Painting lustre bowls

  1. Catherine says:

    Stunning work… These are fabulous and real labour of love!
    Thanks for the earlier visit.
    Catherine #31

  2. sue jones says:

    oo wow these are beautiful!! Have a great week x Soojay 24

  3. Your work is exquisite! I especially love the last bowl with the intricate leave design. I took a couple of ceramic courses as part of my BFA degree. However, since I don’t own a kiln, I haven’t had the opportunity to play with clay much since. Happy WOYWW! #42

  4. I used to paint china some years ago now and lustre is very exciting to work with. I love the effect you have on the bowl with those beautiful leaves. Barbxx

  5. Goodness. I wish I had your glazes to fix my broken rocking horse. But I know it would never look as beautiful as your incredible bowls. They are simply stunning and I am really, really impressed! Happy belated WOYWW from #2.

    • eganj1 says:

      I wouldn’t refire a broken piece and I’m not an expert on fixing but there is a lot of information on the internet. Something like cold enamels or pebo paints maybe.Good luck.

  6. enigmaticpixie says:

    So lovely! I am just fascinated. I have always loved ceramics. Peg R 53

  7. Laney says:

    Oh my gosh! These bowls are amazing!!

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