Hunter gatherer time!

It’s that time of year again when I have the urge to pick fruit and make preserves to squirrel away for the winter. I actually think it’s instinctive, but it could simply be fond memories from my childhood.

I didn’t have to go that far to gather as these blackcurrants came from the bushes by my back door. They are young bushes and it’s the first year I have managed to pick some berries, so there wasn’t that much to gather. However I do seem to remember my Gran telling me that blackcurrants give the best yield of all fruits when jam making.
P1230106So out came my old, inherited, well thumbed cookbooks, first published in 1935 and 1941, these are always my first place to look for jam and pickle recipes. P1230103
I chose the recipe that was easiest to convert for the meager quantity of a pound of fruit.
It all went into the pain to boil for about 20 minutes while I washed and sterilized the jars in the oven.
P1230109To test for a set put a little jam on a chilled plate and let it cool, then run the spoon through it, I actually chose to run my finger through it as I as keen to know how it tasted. If it leaves a line and doesn’t join up again it’s ready. P1230111

The jam funnel makes pouring the jam into the jars much easier and a lot less sticky.
Blackcurrant jamI’ve 4 jars of lovely blackcurrant jam from only a pound of fruit, so maybe my Gran was right. Blackcurrant jam
I think I will make some piccalili next, so watch this space.


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