Drawing with a hammer

I have made a decision to give up making metal jewellery, my hands don’t like it and I want to paint and draw more. So I’m selling off some tools, including my rolling mill if anyone is interested, ( just keeping a few basic items just in case I want to make something).

When going through my tools I thought I may as well use up what metal I have left and whilst I still have my rolling mill. Then I got thinking that some of my pieces have designs that indicate landscape or foliage and texture, I love making these pieces as I don’t have a plan I just work intuitively, just like drawing and painting.

I made this cuff which was ‘drawn’ with hammers, 3 different, but very basic hammers, once you know the marks they make , then just wielding them in different ways can create something impressionistic that represents foliage or landscape, and I got the same buzz that I get from painting and drawing.

Here’s my ‘hammer drawn’ copper cuff bangle.

Copper cuff bangle textured hammered foliage design
And here’s some silver pendants with landscape and foliage impressions that  I made a while back.
Landscape and texure pendants pendants

I do like drawing with the hammer but my hands have kept me awake all night. The cuff is now on Etsy, but once I have finished using up my metal sheet I won’t be making any more ‘hammer drawn’ cuffs.


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3 Responses to Drawing with a hammer

  1. marci says:

    Before you give up , have you tried padding under the metal block you hammer on ? A lady I know puts several mouse pads under the steel block to cushion it. She still gets crisp impressions and such , but the bit of padding helps cushion the blow ( and the noise ) …I would hate to see you give up on metal. You do such wonderful pieces.

    • eganj1 says:

      Hi Marci, great to hear from you. It’s not so much hammering but gripping while working, my fingers lock up. I have been so busy porcelain painting that I don’t have time for much else, and I think it’s a shame that expensive tools are sitting unused. I will keep the basic tools so I can make things like this cuff if I feel like it. Also I want explore more clay work and a bit of extra space would be useful.
      How’s your silversmithing coming on?

  2. marci says:

    AH… Ok I didnt get back till just now to read this…. What about overpadding the handle… like they do for people with arthritis who cant grip silverware.
    I havent had much time to work on my silver … actually none at all LOL !… but I hope to change that in the future.. AT least I finally found a group here locally that gets together to paint on mondays.. so I now get to paint every monday when I m in town which is most of the time since I dont usually have to leave for a show or workshop until tuesday or wed. and Im usually back by sunday …… but I love messing with the silver .. ( Just like I KNEW you d love messing with the clay )

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