Kiln Fired Art Studio, a year on

I moved into my lovely studio a year ago today, I’ve worked really hard since I moved in. Getting the studio built was definitely the right thing to do, I wish I’d done it years ago.

I was wondering what to show you today to celebrate, so I took a photo of how it looks one year on, and I was going to write about how the space works, what doesn’t work.

Also the unexpected bonus of the studio acting as a hide to birdwatch, I have my new feeders set up for the winter, I should get some good photo’s from the window next to the sink .

P1230368Then I thought a view of the garden, when I spied something rustling about in the undergrowth.P1230369

It was a cute hedgehog snuffling about looking for worms. P1230383



I’ve had so much inspiration from the wildlife that comes to visit me, which really was an unexpected bonus, such a gift, and I just love it!




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