A glazing disaster!

When I opened the kiln this morning I knew a disaster was facing me, I glazed the vases  and fired yesterday, fortunately a bigger disaster was averted as I happened to look down the bung hole and see the glaze had dropped off the vases so I switched the kiln off. Just as well as it would have ruined the batt and stuck to the kiln floor.
I’m guessing the glaze was too thick, I’ve never used dipping glaze and it didn’t come with instructions of how much water to add. Hopefully I can remove the glaze that’s left on the vases and start again.

If you can tell me where I went wrong I’d love to know, it may prevent another disaster, I’ve nurtured these vases so far so I’d hate for them to be ruined now.


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2 Responses to A glazing disaster!

  1. That’s so disappointing, but I’m glad you caught it before your kiln was ruined! Working big in ceramics is harder than it sounds (ask me how I know 😉 ) I’ve never used dipping glazes either, but I believe you have to get the right specific gravity for them to work well. This is a great reference site for technical info… looking forward to seeing them finished!


  2. eganj1 says:

    Thank you Caroline, I will head over and have a read. I wish I could find a course locally for slipcasting, mould making and glazing

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