Ceramic Christmas decorations are finished

Just a quick post today to show you the Christmas decorations now they are finished.

I have delivered them this morning, but I hope to make some more later in the week   to stock up on Etsy .

I do have some glass and ceramic Christmas decorations up there alreay.

I finished the porcelain bisque ‘Forest Hearts’ in various colours using overglaze enamels.
ceramic heart decorationsThe ‘Shooting Stars’ gave me a bit of a headache last night, the invisible thread was indeed invisible, and it’s hard tying a knot in fresh air.

Also I hadn’t thought about packaging them, but I got there in the end and put them on a card in a cello bag, otherwise the threads would tangle up. ceramic christmas decsIn the end 4 of the large snowflakes survived, but they look great so I will be making more of those.

Note to self………. clean them before they get too dry!

Enjoy your afternoon.


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3 Responses to Ceramic Christmas decorations are finished

  1. I love the Forest Hearts! I love the colors, the patterns and the little ribbons! They are all wonderful!

  2. CS Art photo says:

    the woodsy hearts are lovely

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