A Second Day of Calm

I woke up at 4.30 this morning, and it was all I could do to stay in bed, I wanted to go and see how my planter was drying.

And here it is, I’ve taken out the newspaper and it’s keeping it’s shape. I’m not sure how you clean heavily grogged clay, it just gets rougher when you sponge away the finer clay particles. Maybe when it’s dryer I can brush off the coarse bits.

P1260752It’s cold here today but the sun is shining, there is a touch of snow on the Fells, all of this makes me very happy, I love bright cold days when the landscape sings. P1260761

I did a few quick drawings last night when I was enjoying a glass of red in front of the fire, some were cut out using the Cameo to make stencils.P1260754

As well as having a sense of calm this weekend is also about learning some new things, as I rarely get time to play these days, so I thought I’d approach my tiles from slightly different angles, one tile has the design drawn into the clay with a stencil, on another I used the stencil and added some white slip, the third one I took my drawing and traced the lines using a biro so it would leave an indent in the clay. They all have some foliage collected from my walks and some stones and other bits and bobs pressed into the clay.

P1260757The clay was getting quite dry by now but I do like the look of the line and there are no crumbs to deal with, unlike drawing with a toothpick, so I will probably use this method in future, but I would do it on clay that wasn’t quite so dry.P1260758
The edges are trimmed and they are drying now, I’ve kept some tiles plain so I can do underglaze and overglaze paintings on those. That’s me done for today, apart from tidying up the mess I have created all around me.

Tomorrow may be a watercolour calm kind of day, see you then.


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5 Responses to A Second Day of Calm

  1. Helen says:

    Your planter is gorgeous! I’m curious though – what on earth is heavily frogged clay? 😀 Love the tiles, too.

  2. Helen says:

    Grogged, not frogged!!!

    • eganj1 says:

      LOL, I thought a frog had slipped me by, you should have seen the typos yesterday. Grog is coarsely ground up fired ceramic material which is added to clay. It reduces shrinkage, thermal shock and warping, so it’s good for large pieces like this one

  3. CS Art photo says:

    very nice , the bowl is gorgeous and I like the tiles.

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