I was delighted to be asked to participate in a blog hop inspired by ‘Calm’; it’s strange how something takes over your thoughts but since Veronica Roth asked me to participate I’ve longed for Friday, so much so I decided the whole weekend would be mine, and devoted to ‘calm’.

I got up early and dealt with emails, parcels, housework etc, then I rushed out to the studio. I had a plan of action, what could be more calming than playing with mud. I have a slab of Jim Robison clay which I’ve never used before,  I do drool over Jim’s work, and regret not having taken a course when I lived in Yorkshire, but I have his book, which provides me with inspiration.
P1260688Before going any further, let me remind you I’m a porcelain painter, not a potter, I’m just beginning to find my way into the workings of clay, but sometimes naivety is a blessing, or in other words ignorance is bliss. So the clay came out, but I found this heavily grogged clay hard to roll, my dear OH came to the rescue and got it rolled out for me. So at that moment in time calm wasn’t in the foremost of my thoughts.

Time for a lunch break with 10 minutes meditation which I thought would help, but no still mind, all I could think about was what I wanted to make so I abandoned the idea and set to work. Eventually, I got a bowl shape , using a new piece of highly technical equipment, a pounce made from a sock filled with a plastic bag full of sand. P1260689Now to make the top part of my vision, I had to take over wedging and rolling the clay and I’m sure I will suffer with my hands but I did finally go to that place where I was totally lost in my creation,  and yes, I felt very calm indeed.

I used ‘Ella’s doily’, to add an imprint into the clay, I had to think on my feet how to form the top as I wanted it slightly domed, a large platter and some foam did the trick.
Now it was time to rest and let the clay firm up, while I watched the birds on the feeders, then I rolled some lovely soft clay to make tiles for tomorrows plan.
P1260713P1260719As I have said I’m just learning clay processes, and basically it’s guesswork, but there is a critical time period to assemble the piece, the clay has to be firmed up enough to hold it’s shape but soft enough to join together, I took a deep breath and turned out the bowl

P1260720So here’s my piece stuffed with paper to help keep the form, I’m looking forward to seeing how it’s drying tomorrow.  If you are wondering what it’s going to be it’s a planter for a succulent.P1260724

I did eventually find calm but there was a little storm first of all, that’s how it goes, no Yin without Yang. I’m looking forward to tomorrow and another day of calm , now I’m going to look at everyone’s day of calm over on Veronica’s blog .

14 thoughts on “Calm…….

  1. Veronica Roth

    Oh my gosh Jill, that’s so beautiful! I took a practical class at art in action a couple years ago in clay throwing and basic potter’s wheel work and made two small bowls. I found that I absolutely LOVED the process to pieces. Now I want to make more, but don’t have a wheel, or a kiln or glazes…etc. Oh well, maybe this year. (Or maybe I have to find someone local to fire it for me…lol) There’s a woman who makes lovely clay things names Geninne Zlatkis. She does have a blog but is mostly on Instagram these days. You might really like looking at her things. She has a very definite style. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to that piece being fired and planted up. It’s going to be so beautiful. 😀 Big hugs. X

    1. eganj1 Post author

      Thanks for stopping by Veronica, I don’t have a wheel but I’d love one. I’ve been looking for a course locally but haven’t found anything yet. I already follow Geninne , her work is so beautiful, I hove her style. Thanks for giving me the time to play, I probably wouldn’t have made this if you hadn’t asked me to join in. I’m now very calm and rested . x

  2. tinyWOOLF

    oh waw, i’ve enjoyed your report. i’m not into clay, at all. but i have been close to it and i know what it can be like and let me say, i find you are a courageous dear. hey, the doly effect i do applaud. i mean, LOVE it. n♥

  3. Tammie

    this is absolutely gorgeous Jill! I love the lace pattern on the clay!
    i love how the drawing challenge can inspire or effect us all week long, that is one of the magical bits about it.

  4. Tammie

    It looks like my comment did not appear, so here i go again.
    your pot is beautiful! I love the lace imprint. I use to use lace to imprint onto metal! Ran it through a roller. I love how the DC can stay with us all week, teaching us, inspiring us and so on.

  5. Michelle Hed

    I loved reading your post Jill. Your planter is beautiful and the use of the doily was inspirational! What a gorgeous piece this will be! I’ve never tried clay before but I’ve always wanted to take a class. So lovely.

  6. Silke

    OMG! That is beyond gorgeous!! I always love when something so sold looks lacy and delicate! Can’t wait to see this bowl finished!! xoxo SIlke

  7. Renee Dowling

    I have a bunch of clay and now I think I might want to try your technique! The doily idea is marvelous. It took on a totally different appearance than I thought it would. What a great idea to make a planter too! Thanks for sharing your yin and yang adventure!

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