Things aren’t going as planned on my worktable this week , all these vases should have been painted by now, but ceramic glazing got in the way. Yesterday was a total disaster, that melted thing at the front is the Yorkshire Jug, it totally melted and stuck to my kiln, so I had to do a repair with kiln cement, fingers crossed it works ok, kilns are very expensive.

There is a tub of beads that I strung last night, I love making up sets of beads, all different, creating unique sets. Now I need to get some photo’s.

Oh my dichroic glass is out because I got a custom order to match a pendant I made at Christmas.

I’m off shopping now but I will be popping over to Stamping ground later


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13 Responses to WOYWW

  1. Milanie says:

    Hi, why did the jug melt??

  2. Gee, hope you can save your kiln! What a shame about the melted jug! Sometimes things just go pear shaped, don’t they, or in this case pancake shaped! Sorry, bad joke (both pears and pancakes are featured in my post today and I couldn’t help myself). Just one of those days – it will be a better day tomorrow, Bet wishes for the rest of the week! zsuzsa #36

  3. That wants to be “best” wishes, obviously!

  4. Sharon K says:

    Oh dear! Hope you get the kiln sorted soon. I’d like to see your finished vases.

    Sharon K #44

  5. Diana Taylor says:

    Oh what a shame about that beautiful jug -and I hope your kiln has recovered ok. I love the dichroic glass, it really catches the light beautifully.
    Hope you have a good week,
    Diana #53

  6. Poor old jug not to say the kiln. Hope it all works out – better luck with it this week x Jackie 28

  7. Wow, I had no idea that things could melt in a kiln like that! I hope that your kiln is OK. xx

  8. dawn says:

    Poor you, hope all ok, look forward to seeing your vases next week. Thanks for stopping by.
    Dawn #16

  9. Barb Williams says:

    So sorry to hear about your firing accident. I hope it works. The pillow vases look lovely and all those pretty beads. Have a happy week. Barbxx #45

  10. Catherine says:

    Oh no… keeping fingers crossed kiln is ok. Catherine x #34

  11. juliadunnit says:

    You seem very ‘together’ about the jug! What a shock though, to find the jug melted and the kiln damaged. I hope hope hope that it takes tour repairs. Ouch, talk about all in the life of a kiln fired artist….

  12. Fran says:

    That looks to be a wonderful jug project. I am sure you were heart broken that it melted and ruined your kiln to boot. Lovely vases.

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