WOYWW – handpainted porcelain vases

Good morning Deskers, here’s my worktable today.

P1290821I have been painting more vases as I got a commission last week, so to fill the kiln up I did some for the pop up gallery which will be opening again soon.

So on the left I have my water based enamels, this is a very messy palette for a china painter, I have my own way of working. The hare vases at the back just came out the kiln, they are finished. The other one is ready for it’s first fire but I noticed it has a hairline crack, so sadly it goes in the bin, it’s so annoying when that happens. On the right I have my bottles of lustres, they are very smelly.  My brush cleaner and methylated spirits for degreasing china, and luster brushes, each colour has to have a dedicated brush. Those little dishes are to put the lustre in, My bird book is lurking at the back. At the very front I have a contact lens case which has my liquid platinum in it, precious metal lustres are very expensive and easily contaminated so I look after it. I’m hoping to start painting a long tailed tit and a kingfisher on those white vases. Oh and at the very back left, hiding, is my little lacy ceramic pots that I made, now they are glazed.

I have my new sewing machine out on the ‘indoors’ worktable. I had to go on the internet to find out how to thread it, the instruction manual is as clear as mud. Thankfully I found a blog with step by step photo’s. Where would we be without our fellow bloggers? I’m finding this machine very different to my old Singer, but I’m growing to love it. I need to try out the fancy stitches soon. Maybe some cushion pixs for my Creative Sundays post later.

Enjoy your Wednesday, now head over to Stamping Ground to see what everyone is up to.


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11 Responses to WOYWW – handpainted porcelain vases

  1. Your hares are really lovely Jill – such a shame about the crack but unfortunately that’s often the way with ceramics. Have a great week – I just want a few more dry days please x Jackie 24

  2. dawn says:

    Your vases are stunning….makes me want to try something new! Happy Wednesday…
    Dawn #33

  3. CS Art photo says:

    I love painting vases , and I lways love your hares, I havent gotten around to painting any of those yet, but have ideas for Stags and Hares in my head .

  4. Vicky says:

    those hare vases are absolutely gorgeous. Vicky#7

  5. Sharon K says:

    Thanks for sharing the vases. I remember seeing the blank ones last week and am happy you’re sharing your progress!

    Sharon K #42

  6. Adorable hare designs! Do you painstakingly hand paint all those? So annoying about the hairline crack – or is it hareline, LOL! Is there no way of saving it? Such a waste of materials! I guess, it come with the territory! I had to watch YT videos about my sewing machine as well. I got it a year ago and I haven’t used it since! I will have to relearn how to thread it! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa #40

  7. lynnholland says:

    Oh you are a busy person Jill.
    One thing with us creative types we are never bored are we.
    Hope everything goes to plan
    Lynn 15 xx

  8. Lisca says:

    Those vases are stunningly beautiful. The hares are drawn really well. How annoying about the hairline crack. Win a few, lose a few…
    Good that you found instructions for your sewing machine on the internet. But I did not see a photo of your new machine.

    Happy WOYWW and have a great week,

  9. Nikki c says:

    Such lovely vases beautifully painted I’m always amazed at how the slip to paint with looks so stunning once fired. Shame about the one with the hairline. Hugs Nikki 3

  10. Such a shame about the crack because your pieces are so beautiful! xx

  11. cathy daniel says:

    I love these vases. The hares are so beautifully depicted. What a talent! I’ve made some of my best work when I’ve had to ‘fill up the kiln’! Plus cracks, of course! xCathy

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