5 on Friday – 5 days in the life of a WW1 soldier

I never knew my Great Grandfather, but my Gran told me lots of stories about him being killed in World War 1. She was only 7 when he died but she kept his memory alive. I was always invited for Sunday lunch on Remembrance Sunday, and we would watch the Centotaph on TV.

I have diaries written by my Great Grandfather, Lance Corporal  Charles Robert Nicholson,of the 19th Battalion,Northumberland Fusiliers. With the aid of a scanner I am trying to transcribe his diaries, the writing is small and very faint but much of it can be read with use of the scanner and some photo manipulation

This is Charles
C R Nicolson photo1

His diary from 1916
C R Nicolson ww1 diary 009

5 Days of life for a WW1 soldier ( writing in italics are my thoughts)

28th May  Vielle Chapelle for some cards. A.D. BD12. 7? M Rh 20 -30?  A Raid

I know he sent cards home, but not sure what the symbols and initials mean 

29th May Engineers 3  v 19 NF 2. Lacoutuer city ground, football match. Ret 2.30am

A football match, his side got beaten

30th May Notts & Derby 50 killed. Attack in ….. ? Germans driven back. Heavy bombardment. Billets shelled Std. To.

9th  June Road repairing Lacouteur. British Cemetery. Raid on German trenches.  Pte Askew killed. Buried Lacouteur. 10th trench. Cadbury communications.

I believe there is a General called Bournville, so I think he called him Cadbury but I will have to look into this further.

10th  June Road repair. Thunder lightening raining. 5th Cornwalls L Fou.? First strawberries.  Lacoutuer both. Heavy Sraff

I found this very touching , such terrible things going on around him but he still wrote he had his first strawberries. Maybe he was holding on to a little bit of normality.

I will be telling you more about Charles Robert Nicholson in other posts, for my Gran I intend to keep his memory alive.

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6 Responses to 5 on Friday – 5 days in the life of a WW1 soldier

  1. Karen Crimson Kettle says:

    Fascinating. Quite a puzzle though. Good luck. I expect you’ll have quite a story at the end. 🙂

  2. How good that you have all of this family history. I hope that you can decipher all that Charles diary holds and work out what the symbols and so on mean. It will be so good for you to have this in your family for generations to come. Thank you for taking part in Five On Friday, hope you have a good weekend and a good Easter! xx

  3. 1066jq says:

    How interesting that you have his diary and that your Grandmother could keep his memory alive. I knew none of my Great-grandfathers, but did know one of my Great-grandmothers.

  4. Mirjam says:

    That’s so special! I love the strawberry part too… 😉

  5. Thanks, Mammy. It’s awesome of you.

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