5 on Friday – Mam Tor

I had a walk up Mam Tor last Friday; for old times sake, this used to be a favourite walk of mine. Mam Tor means Mother Hill, this name comes from the fact that several land slips have resulted in small hills around the base of the Tor.  It’s also known as Shivering Mountain. These slips occurred because of unstable shale layers beneath, the land slip is quite clear in my photo.
P1300943The views are stunning, towards Kinder, Edale, and Hope valleys.
P1300951P1300960P1300959There is evidence of Bronze Age and Iron Age settlements on Mam Tor, the hill fort is supposed to be one of the earliest in Britain.

The road at the bottom closed in 1979, as you can see there has been quite a lot of damage done by the land slips.

It’s a relatively easy walk with good footpaths, I hope it’s not too long before I return. Now I’m heading over to Love Made My Home to see what other 5 on Friday participants are up to.


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12 Responses to 5 on Friday – Mam Tor

  1. Michelle says:

    I love you, mam!

  2. Although I am sure it is a lovely and certainly looks like a beautiful walk, I would be a little intimidated by the thought of it sliding while I was on it. Great pictures.

  3. Stunning views – but I don’t fancy the walk up hill!

  4. A lovely walk to go along on with you! Thank you for taking us to explore!! Thank you for joining Five On Friday, I hope you have a fun weekend! xx

  5. riitta k says:

    The land slips look quite scary to me. But the views are gorgeous!

  6. Karen Crimson Kettle says:

    Oooo look at all that fresh air and sunshine. Marvellous. Shame about the landslips though. 🙂

  7. meredith says:

    The views are spectacular, thank you for sharing them.

  8. Sharon K says:

    That looks like a great place to walk! What a wonderful place to visit.

  9. 1066jq says:

    Great photos, where exactly is it?

  10. Marie-AZ says:

    I loved getting a view of the Iron Age settlement! This would be a fascinating hike, and I loved seeing the photos!

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