My New Ceramic Lamp

Here’s my new handbuilt porcelain ceramic lamp. This light was inspired by my love of textiles, I love the way the design is enhanced by the light shining through the porcelain. I pierced little holes all over the lamp so the light comes through those as well.

I like the ‘wonkiness’ of the lamp as it reflects the textiles that inspired this light. P1310506I hope to add these to my range as soon as I find out about the regulations for lighting, PAT testing etc.

P1310502I’m firing a wall light today, if it works I need 4 of them for my lounge, will keep you posted.



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4 Responses to My New Ceramic Lamp

  1. I love your lamp! The pattern is very beautiful and the light passing through is enhancing it beautifully!

  2. eganj1 says:

    Thanks Michelle, I can’t stip looking at it

  3. Karen Crimson Kettle says:

    So pretty with the light filtering through the holes.

  4. It looks great, well done

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