Catching up


I haven’t been around for a few weeks, firstly I was busy with work before a trip to Scotland and the Isle of Lewis. We were very fortunate to have good weather while we were away so we could explore some of the amazing beaches and crystal clear waters, I even had a paddle. This is Uig beach where the Lewis chessmen were found, it was like Paradise.

The beautiful beaches have inspired my next crochet blanket, I love the colours of the Lewis blanket, and enjoy sitting in the evening doing a few rows, it’s quite meditative.
Lewis blanketLast weekend I went to Woolfest with a couple of friends, this is the stash I bought, mainly wool and silk for some mixed media work, but that’s still in the planning, more later. Some  stuff I bought just because I liked the look of it, I have no idea what to do with silk cocoons or carrier rods, but I may be doing some dying once I get a mordant. I love the idea of picking plant material to dye fibres to use in my work, and if the plant material came from the place that inspired me that would be fabulous but I realise you can’t just pick anything, and the colours may not be what I’d want, but it’s a nice thought.

woolfest stashWe had a trip to Castlerigg stone circle and Derwentwater on the Sunday, which was perfectly relaxing after Woolfest the day before. I do have a thing for stone circles, they are very special places.

It was a great weekend with friends old and new, but now another weekend is here and I need to get my head back into work. I have managed to glaze some ceramic buttons this week to stock up on Etsy, I’m easing back in gently 🙂
ceramic buttons




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  1. Glad you have had a great time!

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