What’s on my worktable today

I have been working with clay this week, I’ve made some more succulent planters and ikebana bowls, it’s been so cool there is no fear of them drying too quickly. I made a large hosta platter but it’s probably going to be too big for my kiln. Why do I work large then ask questions later? I made a little birdy too, I think it’s a great tit, but will decide later when I work out how to colour it. I would usually work with overglaze enamels but I’m learning something new here so it could be underglazes or stains but that means test firing some samples. I would love to make some large sculptural pieces so this is my starting point, let’s hope it doesn’t explode in the kiln.
ceramics dryingI’m making a texture plate for a ceramics and glass pieces, but it all takes time so nothing I can show you yet, I think I’ve joined the ‘slow art movement’.

I’m heading off to the hills now, have a great day whatever you are doing


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2 Responses to What’s on my worktable today

  1. CS Art photo says:

    Well I got some rubber stamps, Now I just need to get back to ceramic club, so I can work with my clay. MY porcelain stuff is making enough of a mess in the studio here. I still have porcelain dust for the last batch of pendants I made on the porch. ( which is no fun in floridda when its 100 and humid out . What Clay are you using for these ?

  2. eganj1 says:

    Hi, the clay is stoneware, I am just trying out different types of clay some is grogged, and some not

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