A wet week – swallows and bleaberries

I was wondering what to blog about, thinking I haven’t made much this past week, (I have been catching up on custom orders) but I have been out and about even though the weather has been quite dreadful.

It was a celebration weekend last weekend which meant we dined out a couple of times, so we opted for a trip to the coast to walk off a few pounds. As I said the weather has been dreadfully wet and windy this past week, it felt more like autumn than mid summer. But there is always beauty to be found whatever the weather, I love the moody sky, and the limited colour palette certainly reflects the weather conditions.
P1330167I was drawn to the textures of pebbles and seaweed collected along the groins, and the sounds of the sea rolling in, then taking the cobbles back out with it.
P1330159Wednesday looked more promising so we headed out on the fells, but it was short lived and we were soon sporting waterproofs, but the weather didn’t spoil our day.

This is the route up the fell, we started in the middle distance where the light coloured  buildings are.
P1330448And this is where we were heading.

The skylarks were not deterred by the rain, I love the song of skylarks, they remind me of my childhood.
P1330463And look at this lovely fledgling undeterred by the rain, I haven’t identified it yet.
P1330458Much to my delight the bleaberries were ripe, I used to pick them with my Gran, most folks would call them bilberries, I believe she called them bleaberries from her time living on a croft in the Scottish Highlands, or maybe it’s a Yorkshire thing. I do know they taste good but they dye your tongue and teeth blue.
P1330447I love the view approaching the summit, even on a dull day I love it as it’s so serene. If I’m honest the gentle rain was rather lovely too, until the howling wind got up.
P1330465It’s been much the same weather most of the week, yesterday I was concerned as my swallow parents couldn’t fly out from under the porch to hunt, but thankfully today there has been a few dry spells so they were able to feed their young, I’m not sure how many chicks there are in the nest, I’m hoping to see them popping their heads over the top soon.

I’m hoping for some sunshine this coming week, fingers crossed.



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