That Tony Soprano moment.

Yes it’s coming, I have that feeling in my gut, just like Tony Soprano’s ducks took flight and were gone I know my swallows will fledge any day now.

I can’t stop watching the parents flying in with food even more regularly, then they are out again in a flash. There is very little rest for the parent birds but occasionally one will sit on the field gate opposite.

There are a lot more swallows flying about now so I assume they are fledglings. I’ve observed an interesting behaviour, about 3 of them have been flying around near the nest, it looks to me almost as if they are trying to entice this brood to join them. I’m sure they will be any day now, I have mixed feelings about them going. This surrogate mother is concerned , will they be strong enough for their flight to Africa?

I managed to contort myself over the kitchen bench and get a bit of video, it’s not the best quality being taken through the window.


P1330847As you can see the nest is looking pretty full now, I couldn’t decide if there were 3 or 4 chicks, but there are definitely 4. Look closely and you will see the eye of the 4th one.

Now I want to make some swallow art!



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