Hadrian’s Wall, in search of Sycamore Gap.

I have wanted to walk along the Roman Wall to Sycamore Gap for a long time. I know the place very well but I have never walked along this part of the Wall, which has become an icon since it was featured in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.

The Emperor Hadrian built the Wall to control the marauding Picts but it’s a common misconception that the Wall marks the boundary between England and Scotland. There must be another 30 miles of unspoilt Northumberland before reaching the border.

This stretch of the walk along the Wall is probably the most rugged, the Wall is strategically positioned on the top of the Whin Sill, which is a dolerite intrusion.

You can see the Wall snaking out in front of you, it would have been about 12 feet high originally.


Here we are at Sycamore Gap, it would have been lovely to have it to ourselves but everyone had the same intention, people posing contemplatively, and cameras and phones clicking away.


This photo is looking back along the Whin Sill, it clearly shows the ridge of harder igneous rock and the glorious unspoilt Northumbrian countryside.


Every mile along the Wall there was a mile fort, this one has the remains of an arched gateway.

This is the remains of one of the granaries at Housesteads Roman Fort, one of 15 forts.  They would need a lot of bread to feed 10,000 soldiers along the Wall.


We walked back on the lower path north of the Wall, it was a bit boggy in places but it gave great views of the Whin Sill and shows what a great defensive site it is. Also there are wonderful views of the rolling unspoilt Northumberland countryside.

P1340816And I got another view of Sycamore Gap, I think this is the one I will use in my artwork. Now the question is do I work in textiles or ceramics, or maybe both.


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