My New Toy

I bought myself a slab roller with the intention of saving my wrists. I’ve found it’s not that simple, but I’m learning it’s much easier to roll a small piece of clay and take it down gradually.

The slab roller comes with 2 boards and some canvas, they aren’t long enough for larger items so OH cut me some long plywood boards and I got the sewing machine out an zig zaged some strips of calico. In theory you should be able to roll clay on any length of board, and the width is all my kiln will take in height.
P1340633I seem to want to work big though, I made another lacy lamp ( I’m still figuring out the internal lamp bit), and while I was rolling slabs I decided to make a couple of vases. I like the shape, which sort of just happened when I cut a folded piece of paper into a template. The clay for the lamp needs to be quite thin so the rolling pin did come in useful, but I think I will get some thinner sheets of hardboard so I can go down very slowly and thinner, it’s much easier that way.
P1340635These have dried out quite quickly, the clay has mould on it which makes it harder to see any imperfections, let’s hope none show up once they are fired.

Now I can’t decide if I should stain / glaze the vases or leave them white


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3 Responses to My New Toy

  1. They are absolutely gorgeous. I love them white and the new shape too. Maybe a bit of gold or silver lustre would give them an extra special lift. Elaine x

  2. eganj1 says:

    Great idea Elaine

  3. CS Art photo says:

    Hey Jill, are you using porcelain clay or something else. I started soem little bowls and things . I love rolling in the texture. Now Im learning to deal with the cracking during drying. These are Cool shapes. and You inspired me to try succculent pots.

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