Some new clay work

It’s September again, and so it’s time to step up production. I thought I’d try to be more organised and get all my clay work done and out of the way before I start painting lustreware again, it needs a dust free environment, which means the studio will need a thorough clean as clay work is very dusty.

The gallery has just about sold out so I have quite a lot to be getting on with just now. I’m also trying to stock Etsy and Folksy for the “C “word. I know it seems too early to think about Christmas but every year I feel I’m in a mad dash in November so that’s why I’m trying to get organised now.

This is meant to be a clay post so I better show you some of my new makes from the weekend. I’m so impatient with clay, waiting for it to dry takes time and patience. The new slab roller is making things easier for my hands so it was well worth the investment.

So what have I made……

Ceramic coasters.

I was just thinking that it’s interesting that my clay work is mainly influenced by textiles (my background growing up) and what I like to call ‘clay fossils’ ( I’ve always had an interest in geology).
Clay coasters

Beads and pendants. 

My stock of ceramic beads and pendants is quite low so I was determined to make more over the weekend. I have used 4 different clays here, but they are all in the stoneware firing range. I have some new glazes to test fire, beads and pendants are a great opportunity to try out new colours.

Ceramic beads and pendantsRobins, hearts and hares.

My  new Christmas decorations for the gallery are robins, I like to have a new Christmas decoration each year.  My first attempt was more like a budgie, but I think these are more robin like.
Porcelain robins
Ikebana bowls and succulent pots.

I needed more of these bowls and planters, these are made in a new clay, I really liked the way it handled, so I’m dying to see how they glaze and fire.
Ikebana bowls and succulent planters

More coasters.
Ceramic coasters in the making
Ring dishes and soap dishes.

I needed a soap dish so I then thought they would make great little gift ideas for my shop.
ceramic ring dishes and sopa dishes

And even more coasters.
ceramic coastersSo you can see I’ve been pretty busy the past few days. Some test pieces are having a glaze firing today so I should have some pretties to show you soon. Remember the ‘patchwork planters’, they are bisque fired now and waiting to be glazed, but I want to test out colours first.

Today I have started photographing Christmas decorations and dichroic jewellery to list in my shops soon, it’s all go!

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