My succulent pots , finally finished!

Remember the succulent pots I was making? Well I finally found time to get them glazed and planted. All but one survived the glaze firing, but I learned not to place a large pot near the elements, and to fire slowly. So I need to make some more as my collection of succulent plants seems to be growing.
succulent potI made these plant pots for me, I wanted them to look handbuilt with lots of textures. I was inspired by vintage textiles and the women who had gone before me who worked with fabrics and yarn to make items for our homes.I have been getting back into knitting and crochet lately so I suppose it was inevitable this would show in my ceramic work too.

I think I wiped too much glaze off this pot, but it’s a gorgeous colour.

From Kiln Fired Art

I gave this pot a ‘pie crust’ edge which reflects the form of the plant. I love the wonky shapes you can achieve with hand built pots, they have so much character.

succulent potsI knew this pot was going to have a dark glaze to contrast with the purple foliage. It wasn’t quite as blue as I wanted but it’s still nice.

pots for succulents

I have come to love hand building ceramics, I did intend to learn how to throw but for now I’m quite content to explore handbuilding as I love the ‘wonkiness’ you can achieve which instantly says it’s handmade. It also shows, (to me at least) that a lot of time went into the making, and all the thought processes involved along the way. I’m sure it’s the same for wheel throwing too but I’m happy doing what I’m doing, for now anyway.

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