Lord’s Seat walk

The weather has continued to please so we headed out again, this time up to Lord’s Seat through boggy woodland, then along to Greystones where we descended, then a detour to see Spout Force before heading back to the car.

We didn’t take the normal path up through Whinlatter but chose another path that took us over streams and up through woodland, it was a bit boggy in places , I almost lost my boot when I went in the bog over my boot top. I’m glad I hadn’t gone in with both feet as it was really hard to pull my foot out.

We followed this wall up the fellside, I was completely fascinated by the mosses and lichens, and tiny toadstools.

P1370790There was such a variety, each rocky protrusion was like a complete miniature garden.


I must get a book on mosses and lichens so I can identify them, this one was something I’ve never seen before, it looks like it’s got some fruiting bodies on it, how amazing. I have googled it and I think it’s Cladonia Polydactyla. it’s looks like something from another world.
The views from the summit of Lord’s Seat are spectacular, you can see Scotland, the Isle of Man was just visible too. We followed the track along to Greystones for our decent, it was quite a steep path down but the views were worth the knee pain.






2 thoughts on “Lord’s Seat walk

  1. Julia Durrant

    Another fabulous blog, Jill with such inspiring photographs and so uplifting. Thank you!


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