In Remembrance

Today I remember those who not only lost their lives in war but the families who were left behind. I remember especially my Great Grandfather, and his daughter Elizabeth, my Gran.
C R Nicolson photo1My Gran lost her father, Lance Corporal Charles Robert Nicholson aged just seven years. She always kept his memory alive, and so I continue to do so. I was always invited for Sunday lunch on Remembrance Sunday, and we would watch the Cenotaph on TV together.

I have his war diaries and I wondered where Lance Corporal Charles Robert Nicholson, of the 19th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers was on this very day 99 years ago.
C R Nicolson ww1 diary 021
He was in France, near Arras in trenches called Father’s Footsteps, working on revetting or repairing the trenches, in frost and snowy conditions.

I came across this postcard sent from father to daughter, this was before he left England for the horrors of war, but none the less it’s very touching,  and little did they know what was to come.

C R Nicolson postcard dreamThis is a proud family photo of Lizzie, my Gran with her parents. Today I’m remembering you all.
charles r nicholson


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3 Responses to In Remembrance

  1. Lit Smith says:

    That is so lovely.
    It is great to remember those that did not come back from any war and so hard for those that did X

  2. Anna Herring says:

    Very endearing post, Jill. War truly is hell. When visiting the naval memorial in Scotland I was overwhelmed by the loss of men in that country, and I am sure it was true of England as well.

    I’ve missed you on the PPIO list so I have enjoyed catching up by reading several of your beautifully written blogs. While my daughter lived in Scotland, I toured with them many times so can appreciate the beauty you show with photos from your walks.

    You are an inspiring artist – keep up the beautiful work!

    Anna Herring

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