Time for Hygge

The Danish have a word for bringing that warm fuzzy feeling into your life, hygge ( pronounced hooga).  I find hygge particularly appropriate during the long dark winter nights.

I didn’t realise there was a word for this but I have been doing it as far back as I can remember, actually I try to enjoy the little things in life every day , but once the clocks go back I make more of an effort to make my evenings cosy and comforting.

I love my crochet blankets, they are so cosy on a chilly evening, even just looking at them makes me happy, and while you are making them they keep you warm as they grow.

P1360250Watching the sun go down from my window, we get some wonderful ever changing skies.
P1380320I love winter fruits like these pomegranate jewels, or the perfume when peeling a satsuma. I love fruit salad in the winter months, it seems to perk up a dull day no end.

Walks through trees at this time of year ,  walking through rustling leaves always makes me smile.

P1380112The colours have been fabulous this year.
P1380108There are lots of things that bring joy at this time of year, like log fires, a glass of red wine, Jack Frost patterns, mashed potatoes, candlelight, the list goes on, maybe I need to write a weekly hygge post.

So what’s on your hygge list? I’d love to know.


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2 Responses to Time for Hygge

  1. Leni Strong says:

    Gorgeous scenery!

  2. Michelle says:

    Waiting for your parcel!

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