My week so far

I was in the local bookshop today and I see I’m not the only person with hygge on my mind, there were several books on this subject; but that’s me always late to the party.

Nothing unusual or that exciting about my week so far but it has been thoroughly enjoyable all the same. I just enjoy the little pleasures in my daily life.

I wanted to try making peanut butter, I found a great website with ‘how to’ instructions for making seed and nut butters. I had a big bag of sunflower seeds so while I waited for an order of nuts to arrive I made sunflower seed butter, I used coconut oil but I would prefer an unflavoured oil. It’s fantastic for breakfast, on toast with some sliced banana. Think I will be making some chocolate hazelnut spread soon.

nut butterWe have had some wet weather but a few frosty days as well, seeing the leaves on the trees with a white frost is rather unusual.

Jack Frost patterns on the windows always  puts a smile on my face.

P1380363I have enjoyed my work this week, it doesn’t matter that I’ve been doing it for over 30 years painting is always challenging, but so rewarding. I moved my painting stuff into the spare room as I have other work going on in the studio. Here’s a sneak peak of my setup, I’m painting a tile mural so I have a large board with wooden edges glued on to keep everything lined up. This is the small mural, there is a much larger one to paint as well.

This is the first paint application, the tiles will be fired several times before it’s finished.

P1380365The weather is set fair so I’m heading out for a walk, with luck I will have some snow capped fells to show you soon.

I hope you enjoy the little things in your week too 🙂




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