Why we should buy handmade this Black Friday / Holiday Season.

In this throw away society I think it’s time we stepped back from big business and ‘keeping up with the Jones’ to buy the latest model, fashion brand, or ‘in thing’ and considered how buying handmade can benefit both the buyer and the maker.

  • You are buying something unique, your friends won’t have the same.
  • You are buying something to treasure that will give you pleasure for many years to come, not something heading for the tip in a few months when it goes out of fashion.
  • When you buy something handmade you are buying into the years of experience and skills learned by the designer maker, as well as the time involved in making the item.
  • Micro businesses need our support to survive, to artists and craftspeople every penny counts.

Etsy is a great place to find handmade Christmas gifts. I’m a member of several teams on Etsy, one of my favourites is the Craft Pimp team. We help and support each other, a bit like an ant colony really, I bet CP team mates are laughing at that one, but it’s true , you feel much bigger and can achieve much more with team support.

So here’s some items from the Craft Pimp team, go and explore their shops and see what an amazingly talented bunch they are.

Here’s a lovely set of handmade lampwork beads from KitzBitz Art Glass they would make the perfect gift for someone who loves making unique jewellery.

handmade glass beads

Handmade lampwork beads from Kitzbitz Art Glass

Jolene also has some beautiful handmade envelopes that would make giving something small a bit special.

gifting envelopes

Handmade envelopes from Kitzbitz Art Glass

It’s time to ‘Deck your Hall’s’, Cornish Dragon has unique handpainted Christmas stars

Christmas tree decorations

Handmade Christmas stars from Cornish Dragon

Victoria also makes the most exquisite art dolls , I think Pip is my favourite , there’s so much detail in this doll, she must have taken hours to make.

handmade dolls

Cloth Art Doll from Cornish Dragon

Izzy beads makes incredibly detailed whimsical beads that are miniature glass sculptures, this Christmas hare is one of my favourites.

lampwork beads

Christmas Hare Bead from Izzy Beads

Laney says she makes beads to make you smile, and she certainly does that in bucket loads. These pink pig beads would make anyone smile

glass pig beads

Lampwork piggy beads from Izzybeads

Beads By Kat has some lovely seasonal lampwork beads, you could have them just in time to make something to wear at the office party.

seasonal jewellery beads

Lampwork beads from Beads By Kat

Or how about this wonderful miniature underwater world, this would make a beautiful gift for sea lovers or the mermaid in your family. There’s such a lot of detail to look at in this underwater world.

lampwork beads

Seaworld bead from Beads By Kat

If you are into archaeology or geology you will love these beads from Pandanimal, I love the crusty stone look of these lampwork beads.

handmade glass beads

Lampwork beads from Pandanimal

I love these lampwork disks, they would make a pair of gorgeous earrings.

earring components

lampwork discs from Pandanamal

And of course there’s me, but if your read my blog you will know what’s in Kiln Fired Art’s Etsy shop already.

I’ve just done a quick count and between us we have over 450 unique handmade items in Craft Pimp team collective’s shops, so pop over and have a look, you really don’t want to miss anything.


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2 Responses to Why we should buy handmade this Black Friday / Holiday Season.

  1. Julia Hay says:

    Thanks Jill, Lovely blog.

  2. Jolene says:

    Thank you for the beautiful post and for sharing the handmade message 😀

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