A Creative Day With Friends

I had a lovely creative day with friends last Saturday. We have these get togethers where we each decide on a project for us all to do. I took my watercolours and Jean had something planned to show me.

It’s always very relaxed with us doing our own thing, as well as teaching / learning new skills. There is always copious amounts of food and wine, music and chat too.

I have wanted to get back into watercolour painting for a while but something has been holding me back, so when my friend asked if we could paint watercolours it was an opportunity to get on with it and stop procrastinating. I painted several small landscapes thinking they were a great way to ease myself back into it, and also I wanted to make some very affordable art for my shop.




Jean planned for us to do some plaster casting with a sea theme.

I love the detail I managed to pick up, I may develop some ideas into my ceramic work.


I love my plaster tile, there is so much detail to look at.



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