My first make of 2017

I’m pleased to say my enthusiasm has returned, I’ve made something!

I have my Grandpa’s leatherworking tools, as you can see the box contains all sorts of interesting things, including a proggy mat hook, a fountain pen and a collection of pocket watches. It’s a box of treasure.
P1390211One of the fun things is trying to work out what the tools are for. I think the thing with the wheel is for marking the leather for hand sewing. I thought these other tools were punches but I have discovered a box with press fasteners, and the instruction sheet so now I know what these are for.

P1390209I really want to try hand tooling leather, as my Grandpa did, I thought making a belt might be a good place to start. I found a tutorial online, and bought a belt blank, buckle, dye, and everything else I needed to get started.

What I didn’t have I just improvised, I made the holes with an awl, but I think a punch would be better, I thought I’d inherited one but I can’t find it.
I found the damp leather much easier to stamp than I thought it would be. Once stamped the belt was dyed, then treated with neatsfoot oil, and waxed.

P1390213I thought the belt blank was very easy to use, but they are quite expensive so I plan to have a go at making my own and riveting on the buckle, watch this space.

I hope you have a creative 2017, Happy New Year!


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