A New Adventure Into Digital Fiber Art

I try to learn at least one new technique in January, this past week I have ventured into digital fiber art with the help of a wonderful new book by Wen Redmond. I love this book, it’s opened up a whole new world to me, this is my first piece of digital fiber art.

P1390510I don’t have any fancy photo manipulation software but after a google I found iPiccy.com which is really quite easy to use.
IMG_9310This is the photo I started with, I did some manipulations and saved a whole host of versions that I liked including the ones below.



trees1zzI wanted to try out layering so I nipped out into the garden and took a few bush pictures.

P1390474 (2)Then I started out layering images.
merge17I decided to print this one onto my fabric, I think I chose it as I was reading a magical book called ‘The Snow Child,’ also I felt this image had an Arthur Rackham quality to it.
picture1After some painting, stitching and collage here is the final result, it’s a lot more sparkly in reality than it looks in the photo.

I can’t wait to start on another one soon, I think I’m hooked. Now if only I could get a better photo, I will have to get the light tent out and try again.


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8 Responses to A New Adventure Into Digital Fiber Art

  1. Wow! The result is amazing! I love it!

  2. Rena Solis says:

    Oh my! What a lovely medium you are delving into now! Hope to see more soon’

  3. Suzanne Claxton says:

    Oooohh, so inspiring! I’ve never even considered doing something like this (first time I’ve seen anything like it) and your piece is so beautiful.

  4. eganj1 says:

    Thanks Sue, this is fantastic book, I have learned a lot and now I have loads of ideas I want to try out.

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