January 2017 Review

I can’t believe January is almost over, it’s usually a difficult month but once the end is in sight, the nights are getting a wee bit lighter, birds start singing and the snowdrops bloom it seems like the worst of the winter is over.

I intended keeping a design / ideas portfolio this year, but so far that hasn’t happened, but there’s time. However I have a new sketchbook of ideas and a notebook of ‘stuff’. This ‘stuff’ notebook has interested me the most, basically it’s divided into 3 sections:

Things I want to achieve – this includes custom orders,  things I need to restock, and gallery makes.

Health and wellbeing–  healthy eating, meditation and exercise, dry January.

Things to try out – During January I always like to venture down the path of trying something new, or picking up something I haven’t done in a while, this helps me recharge my creative batteries following the madness of December.

Each day I put a tally mark next to the things I’d done in each section, as you can see I never did get round to doing scrumbles, but there’s always another month.

I’m quite surprised to see what I have actually achieved this month.
I got a leatherworking book for Christmas so a tooled leather belt was my first make of the year.
I also got a digital textiles book, which has me totally hooked, I was very pleased with this piece. You can read about my digital adventure here.

I painted quite a few little watercolours, just for the joy of it. I love juicy watercolours.

Buttermere reflections

aceos 001

I made a few felt pictures too. I’m looking forward to doing some larger pieces.



I have been working with clay for the last week or more,  I have enough now to fire up the kiln. I am looking forward to glazing, that’s when they come to life, from mud to a glassy wonder, well if it all goes to plan that is.

Now I need to write a list of what I hope to achieve in February!

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Obsession making arts crafts, and all things creative
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2 Responses to January 2017 Review

  1. You have had a wonderfully creative January! I hope that February is just as good for you!

  2. Helen says:

    I am in awe of your artistic talents! The digital textile picture made me drool and your watercolours are just… gorgeous. And then adding all the other media… amazing 😀

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