Making a paint brush from a feather

I saw a video on Youtube showing how to make a brush from a feather, I love unusual mark making tools so I thought I’d give it a go.

My feathers from Patricia arrived in the post and I set to making a brush

Cutting the feather went ok
P1400029I soon found that getting a beautiful fine tip on my brush wasn’t that simple, but I think I know where I went wrong. The widest side on the feather needs to be the uncut slanting section. But as I like unusual mark making tools it doesn’t matter, it’s the quality / properties of the line which I’m interested in.

So here are my brushes, I do have handles to put them onto if I choose to do that. I was very keen to have a go so off I went to paint a little watercolour, but I’d forgotten one very important thing……..

………have you ever seen a wet goose? The phrase ‘water off a duck’s back’ says it all….

I will be using my overglaze enamels in the next few days and I’m confident that my brushes will work with an oil based medium. Watch this space.

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