February 2017 in review

Well I started my log book with great intentions this month but it went wrong quite early on, I think I was over ambitious as to what I could achieve realistically as February is a short month, and we had friends staying for a few days which was great fun.

So this is what was on my list this month:

Things I want to achieve – Placemats ( custom order),felt pictures, hanging pots, hares and wrens, jewellery components, earrings, herb pots, digital textile art. Work on my Etsy shop.

Health and wellbeing–  healthy eating, meditation and exercise. I fell down here with healthy eating for a few days but I meditated most days and did 6 gym sessions and a few walks.

New things to try out – Lino cut, macrame, sketching, etching glasses, texture plates.

What I actually achieved:

Etched glasses

Texture plates and a form for ceramic work – More about these in another post, when I have made something with them.

Glazing earrings and pendants –  I showed some of these in my last post but there’s a lot more to glaze, it seems to take ages to get them all glazed fired and listed in my shop.

Tile paintings- This is the first firing of the boat sheds on Holy Island, I’m working on 4 scenes on tiles which will be mounted on board and framed up, more later.
Glass light catchers.20170226_094809

Watercolours – I’m continuing with my ‘affordable art’ idea as it has had a great response from people, many pieces have found new homes so quickly and that makes me very happy.

I still have these two paintings in my shop, what a bargain at just £4.50. I’m just thinking what a great alternative to a card, and they will last as they can be framed up.

small watercolour painting

small landscape painting

Clay work – I am loving playing with clay, these ikebana bowls and succulent planters are drying out waiting for a bisque firing. As you can see I made a vase as well. I have some ideas for new pots too.

Hanging hares and wrens, and a few fish too, being photographed for my shop
ceramic hanging hares

Placemats for a customer.
glass coasters

All in all I don’t think I’ve done so bad this month but it is a very busy time of year for me, I have shops to stock up for Spring, and I’ve just bought something that’s going to challenge me for a while, and take up a lot of mt time so I better get up to date with my orders before my new toy arrives.

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1 Response to February 2017 in review

  1. Rena Solis says:

    Was wondering if you etched the glasses with a cream or tool? They look wonderful. The watercolors are beautiful!

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