My New Toy

Finally after sitting on my table all week I found time to play with my new Shimpo Aspire tabletop wheel. Throwing is something I have wanted to do since I was at school. I longed to ask the teacher if I could have a go at throwing, coiling always seemed so boring by comparison. Also I used to visit Holkham Potteries every year when I was on holiday, I was mesmerised watching the potter sitting up there on his ‘pedestal’  looking so grand in the eyes of a child, and performing magic with a lump of clay.

I’ve never touched a wheel before so I was really apprehensive about  having a go, and as the week wore on I began to feel doubtful, could I ever learn to throw a pot?

So yesterday I had my first go, and this is the result of my very first attempt.


I found getting the pot off the batt very tricky, I managed to distort the pot so I left it til it dried and formed it into a little lipped vessel. I think it’s probably far too thick but I just want to keep it as my first wheel thrown pot.
P1400367I had a lot of failures but a few bowls don’t look so bad if you don’t look too close.

first thrown bowl

OH would like a porridge bowl for his birthday, so no pressure.

first bowlsI know I need a lot of practice, but that’s the fun and challenging part for me, it’s good to  learn new things as we get older, and one day I may be able to throw a half decent pot, until then I shall enjoy the journey, and I love ‘wonky’ anyway as it has so much more character.

5 thoughts on “My New Toy

  1. Min Fidler

    I fell a little bit in love with the potter at Holkham, that was many years ago (22?)…it may have been a tiny bit to do with his top, which was tied at the back like a hospital gown, it was summer and he didn’t have anything on underneath, just tanned skin…and then he spoke so eloquently about Japanese pottery and that was me undone. It was the day when I realised I didn’t have to choose just one pot, I could have two (£5 each), and in order to avoid my mil’s endless comments about my ‘extravagance’, I asked for both pots to be stacked together and wrapped as if there were only one.
    I’m so impressed with your first wheel pots, I was offered space at a studio where there is a wheel, I really thought I would have to have lessons first, but you’ve made me rethink that. Lovely post : )

  2. eganj1 Post author

    Hi Min, thanks for your reply, I used to vist Holkham in the 60’s and 70’s. I do remember it being very hot in there but your potter was probably a baby then. I went a few years ago and I was really sad to find the pottery had ckosed down, so sad.

  3. CS Art photo

    Im still at the handbuilding stage, still learning patience and TRYING to develop of Lighter touch. Not easy for me. You did great for never throwing before. Was the wheel expensive.? Maybe Ill try to find a class to learn someday. handbuilding will keep me occupied for a while. 🙂

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